Rimland has been saying “welcome home” to individuals with autism for more than 45 years.  We provide a safe, secure environment in which individuals can grow, and from which they can engage with the world. Our approach is unique, our care excellent.

Welcome to Rimland.


Rimland is committed to respecting the dignity of its residents, nurturing each individual with a quality, hands-on customized care plan. We collaborate with parents, guardians, and professionals to support individuals with autism in a progressive and proactive manner.  Learn more.


At Rimland, we specialize in caring for adults with autism in community-living homes. We focus on inclusive education, providing a team-based approach that enhances the life skills of each of our residents.


Just as our staff supports the daily goals and activities of our residents, we rely on the support of others to meet our goals and continue our tradition of excellent care. You can help us in many ways, such as planting gardens, helping fund our programs, or donating goods or services. We invite you to explore ways to become involved in our community.

our story

At the Heart of Rimland, A Mother's Love for Her Son

Rosalind Oppenheim

With her commanding voice and unwavering commitment to her son’s welfare, Rosalind Oppenheim challenged the standards of her time and became one of the first women to revolutionize the way individuals with autism were treated, cared for, and thought about.  Determined to leave a legacy rich with opportunity for her son, Rosalind created a reality out of her vision – The Rimland School for Autism.  Believing parents should always be involved in their children’s care, Rosalind’s model was based on inclusive, collaborative care and believing there was limitless opportunity for individuals with autism.  We, the current Rimland leaders, staff, and parents, are proud to continue her legacy.

in the spotlight

COVID-19 Update 11.4.22 - November 4, 2022

Hello everyone,  We are happy to announce that we are able to drop the testing requirements for home visits (your loved one can go for a visit and come back without a COVID-19 test). At this time, we are not opening visits in the Rimland homes, to protect the health (against COVID-19 and cold/flu season) of. . . [more]

COVID-19 Update 10.15.22 - October 15, 2022

Hello all –  We want to send an update to the below (visit restrictions). Right now, we are in the process of getting the Omicron booster for the individuals we support. We are using the vendor, Walgreens. Our Health and Wellness Department is taking the individuals to Walgreens by home (group home). Currently, we are. . . [more]

COVID-19 Update 9.14.22 - September 14, 2022

Hello all – We want to send an update based on last month’s communications. We are seeing the number of cases in our area begin to fall recently. We want to keep an eye on the transmission rate several more days before lifting the restrictions on indoor visits along with COVID-19 testing for going on. . . [more]

Exciting News! - August 25, 2022

We are proud to announce that Rimland is the recipient of a Niles Township Grant! Rimland and the Niles Township Government have partnered for many years to improve the variety and quality of our wellness offerings. The pandemic fundamentally altered the way Rimland operates and forced us to rethink and adapt many of our programs. . . [more]

COVID-19 Update 8.19.22 - August 19, 2022

Hello Rimland Families,   Unfortunately, we are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases (several staff members and individuals we support). We have not let up on mask requirements, etc. However, to keep the individuals we support safe and to keep our workforce intact, we will need to make a few temporary changes to visits. Again, we have. . . [more]