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Like so many other parents who have disabled adult children, I started to visit various agencies and came across Rimland. Although letting my daughter live somewhere else was maybe the hardest choice in my life, I knew it was the best decision for her. Within the first day she was with Rimland, she adjusted so well. Every time I visit her at her group home, she is smiling and happy. I can never thank Rimland enough for the kind loving care they provide.

— James Medin, Parent
“The reward of one duty is the power to fulfill another.”
– George Eliot

As with many non-profits in this economic climate, Rimland’s funding continues to be cut and we, too, compete for supporting donations of all kinds. We have an advantage in that we have many ways to incorporate donations of all types, from direct financial support to social investor-driven home purchases.

Our goals for the next few years are ambitious and solid. Our leadership, both staff and board, recognizes the need for expansion so we can welcome more residents. Since inception, Rimland has always been at-capacity, particularly since, once placed at with us, all our residents will live out their lives in our homes. We have always had a waiting list of individuals in need of supportive housing, and many on that list wait in state institutions until we can create space at Rimland. The need for expansion exists. Please help us support more adult individuals with autism.

From corporate donations to individual gifts, your gift will help us:

  • Offset costs for resident well-being doctor’s visits
  • Help us purchase and renovate more homes
  • Take our residents on meaningful field trips
  • Create organic vegetable beds and sensory gardens, as well as beautiful outdoor spaces for our residents.

To make a contribution, please click on the purple DONATE button in the upper right on this page, and we thank you in advance for your generosity.  For more information about becoming a social investor, corporate gifts, donating tickets to events, or off-line donations, please contact Carolyn Keel, Executive Director.

We thank you for your generosity, but we cannot accept the following:  used clothing, used bedding, mattresses or box springs, or cloth furniture.