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Our son is nonverbal, but by his body language, we gather that he is proud, happy, he feels accepted and important, and that he belongs to an extended family – Rimland. Rimland nurtures his self-esteem, structures his daily activities, and installs goals. He used to be crabby, but now we often see him smile.

— The Crisostomos Family

If you browse through the bios of Rimland’s leadership, you’ll see a common theme:  the majority of our staff has been employed at Rimland for no fewer than 10 years.  There is something magical about working with the professionals at Rimland and our residents compel our staff to be advocates for the world of autism.  Our staff are kind, compassionate,  and committed to keeping Rimland an exceptional environment for individuals with autism.

Rimland is just as committed to caring for its employees.

Our main and ongoing need is for Direct Service Professionals (DSPs).  DSPs are Rimland’s backbone, bearing the largest portion of the day-to-day care of our residents.  Due to the nature of our work and our on-going expansion, there is a constant need to hire DSPs.  We offer a full-spectrum, mandatory training program to become an authorized DSP, as well as offering an innovative retention program via our Merit-Based Pay Program where a qualified DSP’s hourly rate can increase 44% within their first year of employment. In addition, Rimland is proud to offer 401k opportunities, free gym memberships, medical insurance, and generous PTO.

To find out about new opportunities at Rimland and to search for open positions, please visit our careers page and apply!