[I] make no pretense of being the last word on the subject of autistic children. …more appropriate to call it one of the first words.

— Rosalind Oppenheim, Founder of Rimland
Client Trip 20th Anniversary

Terrance with client, San Diego 9/29/16

In September, Rimland celebrated the 20th anniversary of the client trip. Associate Executive Director of Client Services Terrance Wimberly came up with the idea for the trip 20 years ago. Over the past 20 years, the clients have traveled to Orlando, Florida; Tampa, Florida; on a cruise to the Bahamans; and to Anaheim, California, to name a few. The clients recently returned from their 20th anniversary trip to San Diego on September 30. Below, Terrance shares his reflections on the 20th anniversary:

The most beautiful thing in the world is sharing this trip with the clients supported by Rimland.  We have been doing this trip for 20 years. We have done parasailing, jet skis, dining on the ocean, tried to surf, relaxed by the pool, and watched the sunset, among many more activities and adventures.

Some people said we could not and should not do these trips. Too many things could go wrong. But they never saw what could go right. Watching an individual with autism laugh and smile when he sees the sun set, hug me when she made it off the jet ski she thought she would fall off, realizing they are on a boat far off the coast or trying a new food for the first time… Truly amazing!

It’s been the greatest joy of my life to be able to share this with them.

Terrance Wimberly, Associate Executive Director of Client Services