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Our son came to Rimland ten years ago. Our family has watched him thrive with the care and support from the Rimland staff. I feel we are one big family and I am grateful for the support I have received.

— Rosemary Milton, Parent
Troubling Chicago Tribune Investigation Exposes Neglect of Adults with Disabilities


In a shocking series of November reports, the Chicago Tribune revealed an unprecedented investigation of more than 1,000 previously undisclosed incidents of neglect, abuse, serious harm, and suspicious deaths in Illinois’ taxpayer-funded group homes.

In the first comprehensive accounting of mistreatment inside Illinois’ taxpayer-funded group homes and their day programs, the Tribune uncovered a system where caregivers often failed to provide basic care while Department of Human Services regulators obscured evidence of neglect from the public and relied on group home workers to investigate incidents of harm and death.

Bill Egan, Rimland board member and sibling of a Rimland resident, offered the following comments on the disturbing Tribune findings:

“Recent articles bringing area group home inadequacies to light were very shocking to me. It’s disconcerting to know that incompetent organizations are putting the disabled at risk through negligence and the willful violation of their rights. This vulnerable population, who needs protection from abuse and harm, has been let down by these institutions and the state itself. Knowing these substandard situations can and do exist, it makes me thankful to be a part of the Rimland family. Our loved ones receive an unparalleled level of care under the heartfelt compassion of everyone at Rimland. Not only am I thankful, I also have renewed energy and determination to advocate for the rights of my brother and others like him. Join me this holiday season in being thankful for what we have and vigilant in preserving the future of our loved ones at Rimland.”

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