Our son is nonverbal, but by his body language, we gather that he is proud, happy, he feels accepted and important, and that he belongs to an extended family – Rimland. Rimland nurtures his self-esteem, structures his daily activities, and installs goals. He used to be crabby, but now we often see him smile.

— The Crisostomos Family
Odds and Ends


Happy Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween, we had a pumpkin picking party this year. Clients got to pick up pumpkins and place them in a basket. This was fun for all and also good exercise because they worked on stretching their backs, arms, legs, and bending their knees and hips, etc.  We also had music, face painting, and Taylor Wimberly made 150 delicious Halloween-themed cupcakes!

Social Dance

Rimland has contracted a two-person ensemble called Jutta and the Hi-Dukes to work with the clients in social dance sessions at the Developmental Training Center (DT) on Mondays and Wednesdays. Jutta and the Hi-Dukes teach cultural dances from all over the world.

Dancing like no one is watching.

All clients and classes are welcome to participate and really enjoy the dancing. It’s a great way to get exercise, listen to music, and have fun together.