Our son came to Rimland ten years ago. Our family has watched him thrive with the care and support from the Rimland staff. I feel we are one big family and I am grateful for the support I have received.

— Rosemary Milton, Parent
Rimland completes quality management survey


On October 19-20, 2016, Rimland completed a portion of our annual Bureau of Quality Management (BQM) survey. This annual survey is conducted under the Department of Human Services (DHS) in two parts. Part one pertains to medication management for individuals we support and part two pertains to the individual’s environment, their services, and their personal outcomes. This survey is in addition to our annual Developmental Training and three-year CILA survey conducted by DHS, which we also recently concluded successfully. However, unlike these program surveys that you may have heard or recently read about, BQM does not award outcome percentages or a level of compliance. Instead, BQM uses a unique, person-centered and support-driven tool to guide the agency’s outcome or “level of compliance,” if you will. In short, at the conclusion of the survey, BQM announces whether the agency was fully compliant or if a Plan of Correction is needed to be in compliance, which shall be reviewed by the DHS Quality Review Department.

With that said, on October 19-20, DHS Bureau of Quality Management arrived (unannounced) to conduct the portion of the survey pertaining to the individual’s environment, their services, and personal outcomes. During this survey, we received great feedback and knowledge of what is to come in the future from BQM and how it will benefit those we support. At the conclusion of the survey, Rimland received the wonderful news that we are in full compliance!


Survey says…100%


On September 20-21, 2016, Rimland completed the annual Department of Human Services (DHS) Developmental Training (DT) on-site accreditation survey. At the end of each survey, a percentage and level is awarded to the agency. This year, the outcome for our DT program was 100% compliance and we were awarded Level One. The DHS surveyor complimented Rimland’s team for being dedicated and passionate advocates for the individuals we support. The surveyor also commented on how many opportunities we provide for our clients, both in their programming and in the community, and he commended Rimland for always being a leader in services for those with autism. As we look to the future, as always, we will keep our standards high for continued greatness in the service of those we support.