Like so many other parents who have disabled adult children, I started to visit various agencies and came across Rimland. Although letting my daughter live somewhere else was maybe the hardest choice in my life, I knew it was the best decision for her. Within the first day she was with Rimland, she adjusted so well. Every time I visit her at her group home, she is smiling and happy. I can never thank Rimland enough for the kind loving care they provide.

— James Medin, Parent
Rimland Hosts Conversation with the Evanston Police Department


On September 7, Rimland hosted a meeting with Commander Joe Dugan and his colleagues from the Evanston Police Department. The purpose of the meeting was to help Rimland update policies and protocol for staff when addressing unique situations in public while supporting individuals diagnosed with autism. Rimland was very grateful that the Evanston Police Department joined with us for the meeting.


Rimland participants included Direct Support Professionals, Directors, Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals, Peer Review Team members, and our Health and Wellness team members. Rimland has a good working relationship with the Evanston Police Department. Not only were we able to provide feedback on how best to approach an emergency situation when the police are involved, but Rimland also had the chance to thank the department for their continued support over many years. When responding to an emergency the Evanston Police Department always treats the individuals we support with great dignity. Rimland looks forward to events  with the Evanston Police Department and to continuing to educate their police force on the population we support.


Access Granted
Photographer Elliot Mandel captures a shot of the accessibility ramp at Hartrey South.

Photographer Elliot Mandel captures a shot of the accessibility ramp at Hartrey South.

We are pleased to announce that the City of Evanston has awarded Rimland a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to renovate our Hartrey South residence. As our only home with a wheelchair-bound resident, Hartrey South will be renovated to make all aspects of the home more accessible. Renovation priorities include widening doorways and shower doors to accommodate wheelchairs and lowering lighting switches for easier access. The kitchen and bathroom will be remodeled, and the flooring throughout the residence will be replaced with durable and sustainable porcelain to meet Rimland’s new standards for our residences. Renovations will take place this summer.

The City of Evanston uses its CDBG funds to further community development objectives focusing on low- and moderate-income families and neighborhoods to provide decent housing, to provide a suitable living environment, and to expand economic opportunities. To learn more about CDBG grants, please visit the City of Evanston website.