horticultural therapy

[I] make no pretense of being the last word on the subject of autistic children. …more appropriate to call it one of the first words.

— Rosalind Oppenheim, Founder of Rimland
Horticultural Therapy 2.0

rimland_home21  Summer is here at last, and the Horticulture Therapy Program (HT) is once again in full swing. This year the HT Spring/Summer Program focuses on promoting gardening as a leisure activity that can be enjoyed by all clients, regardless of their level of functioning, while enhancing individualized skills. Clients have even more opportunities to participate in community outings this year, while developing practical knowledge of horticulture and how it applies to daily living. This season’s program focuses on the development of leisure skills through horticulture, encompassing art, music, food preparation, and increased community socialization through gardening.