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New in February: The Employee Health and Wellness Initiative
Let's Move!

Let’s Move!

On Wednesday, February 18, Rimland launched a new health and wellness program geared towards staff members. The goals of the Employee Health and Wellness Initiative are to offer and encourage healthy living options for all staff members and to enhance the benefits profile for Rimland employees. The program kickoff event took place onsite at Rimland, and included a representative from the diet and exercise program Clean, Burn and Shape, as well as representatives from LA Fitness, who offered gym memberships to all Rimland employees. Rimland covers the cost of the LA Fitness memberships as a benefit for employees, who can also add family members to the membership at an additional cost to the employee.

Rimland will continue to cover membership costs for as long as the membership is being used by the employee. To encourage participation, Rimland will award incentives for ongoing use of the memberships, such as wearable fitness trackers and bands, gift certificates for massages and manicures, and fitness apparel.

At the kickoff event, approximately 50% of the staff signed up for memberships, which may be used at any LA Fitness site in the Chicagoland area and include use of fitness and training equipment as well as participation in group fitness classes, such as yoga, aerobics, aqua fit, boxing, and dance.

For more information, staff members may contact Rimland administrative assistant Amy Werner, who is coordinating program participation.

Special thanks goes out to Rimland friend and family member Nina Yoo, who is a volunteer with the Health and Wellness Initiative and made initial contact with LA Fitness. Nina also engaged associates at Whole Foods Northbrook, who are partnering with Rimland to develop a healthful eating component of the Health and Wellness Initiative.

To this end, Whole Foods Northbrook has extended to Rimland employees an invitation to take a special tour of the store. As part of the tour, participants learn about the diet and health aspects of food products at Whole Foods and take part in a cooking demonstration of one or two easy, healthful recipes. Rimland is also exploring opportunities to partner with other stores that may offer discounts to Rimland employees on healthful food items.