Our son is nonverbal, but by his body language, we gather that he is proud, happy, he feels accepted and important, and that he belongs to an extended family – Rimland. Rimland nurtures his self-esteem, structures his daily activities, and installs goals. He used to be crabby, but now we often see him smile.

— The Crisostomos Family
LinkedIn and HookedUp

Laptop lifesavers

Rimland would like to thank LinkedIn for their continued support. In mid-October, they donated 54 laptops and accessories to Rimland! They have made similar donations like these in the past—we have been receiving donations from LinkedIn since 2013—and they are such a big help to us. We are constantly in need of laptops, but they are very expensive. By providing laptops, LinkedIn allows us to devote our funds directly to our clients while also providing staff with the technology they need to perform their jobs well. This is a great example of how for-profits and non-profits can work together for the common good.