Rimland maintains an efficient and caring staff and my son is very happy there. I am very happy with all that has been done for him.

— Ramona Marshall, Parent
Rimland Hosts Conversation with the Evanston Police Department


On September 7, Rimland hosted a meeting with Commander Joe Dugan and his colleagues from the Evanston Police Department. The purpose of the meeting was to help Rimland update policies and protocol for staff when addressing unique situations in public while supporting individuals diagnosed with autism. Rimland was very grateful that the Evanston Police Department joined with us for the meeting.


Rimland participants included Direct Support Professionals, Directors, Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals, Peer Review Team members, and our Health and Wellness team members. Rimland has a good working relationship with the Evanston Police Department. Not only were we able to provide feedback on how best to approach an emergency situation when the police are involved, but Rimland also had the chance to thank the department for their continued support over many years. When responding to an emergency the Evanston Police Department always treats the individuals we support with great dignity. Rimland looks forward to events  with the Evanston Police Department and to continuing to educate their police force on the population we support.