Rimland maintains an efficient and caring staff and my son is very happy there. I am very happy with all that has been done for him.

— Ramona Marshall, Parent
Reception Renovations
Ready to welcome you

We recently renovated our reception area, and we are thrilled with the results! As we considered the area where visitors first encounter Rimland, we wanted to ensure that the space represents who we are and reflects renovations we’ve done to the rest of the building. The first order of business was to re-do the flooring. Next, we repainted the walls and adorned them with attractive artwork. Finally, we installed a new reception desk. Post-renovation, the entrance is vibrant, comforting, and most of all, welcoming. HGTV, here we come!

More Home Improvements

New appliances were purchased for the home.

New appliances were purchased for the home.

Following the renovation of our Hartrey South residence in 2016 (thanks to a Community Development Block Grant), we recently completed renovations on another of our Evanston homes—our Fowler location—and the results are stunning! The renovation is part of our initiative to provide greater accessibility and independence in the Residential Program home environment.

Accessible showers are a feature in the renovation.

Accessible showers are a feature in the renovation.

Among other improvements, brand new appliances were purchased for the home. The residents are loving the new digs so far!

Technical Assistance

A bird's-eye view of the new tech room.

A bird’s-eye view of the new tech room.

Rimland is grateful to have received grant funding that we used to create a new tech room, which is now in use in the Developmental Training Center. We received the grant, called the Niles Township Grant, from Niles Township; Rimland has partnered with Niles Township for several years. The new tech room contains a smart TV, iPads, and desks. Clients are enjoying learning how to use the new iPads to access their interests, such as music and videos.


These activities facilitate their independence and skill development. The iPads are also stocked with a few autism apps that clients use to work on their social skills and fine motor functions such as writing their names.


Once we are in the swing of things with the iPads, we will purchase games for an Xbox Kinect, which will enable clients to exercise more through the use of technology.

Renovations and Expectations

Work in progress

Work in progress

Renovations are currently underway at our community-based residence in Des Plaines South. We have completed demolition of the kitchen, rear bathroom, and rear bedroom, and we enjoy seeing the daily progress as contractors integrate the Rimland standards into this home. Once the renovation is complete, the residence will feature an open kitchen that facilitates a continuous flow of interaction between staff members and residents, durable and sustainable porcelain flooring throughout, new bathrooms with walk-in showers and wall-mounted body sprays, and a redesigned living room layout allowing for a more functional use of the space.