Like so many other parents who have disabled adult children, I started to visit various agencies and came across Rimland. Although letting my daughter live somewhere else was maybe the hardest choice in my life, I knew it was the best decision for her. Within the first day she was with Rimland, she adjusted so well. Every time I visit her at her group home, she is smiling and happy. I can never thank Rimland enough for the kind loving care they provide.

— James Medin, Parent
Welcome: Rimland launches new site and logo!

Rimland is pleased to unveil our new logo and web site, part of an ongoing effort to find better ways to communicate our commitment to excellence. After 42 years in service, we were ready to update our professional identity. As an established, yet constantly improving and evolving organization, we have much to share with our growing community of supporters and parents. We knew we needed a logo and web site that would help us create and build these vital connections.

In September, our executive team embarked on this process of creating a new visual identity with design studio Invisible Engines. Through site visits, extensive interviews and research, the team developed a keen understanding of our organization.

Our new logo features a dahlia, a flower that is symbolic of dignity and the concept of forever. These are both ideas central to Rimland’s philosophy. The dignity of our clients, as individuals as well as part of a community, is the heart of everything we do. The care we provide is enduring—we work with our clients throughout their whole lives, providing stability  and comfort, as well as ways to grow.

“The rebranding process has been a very exciting one to say the least. Aside from all of the excitement involved, Rimland is extremely proud to be able to share our new identity with the community, the loved ones of the individuals we support and our staff. Our new identity truly encompasses the level of support everyone at Rimland provides.”  says Pamela Watson, CEO of Rimland.